Sunday, April 15, 2007

Halfway there!!!

Well... this week was supposed to be a vacation week. Ya know, spring break and all. Well not so much. I worked harder this week than I do at work. Not that, that is saying much, but you get what I mean. Monday, my dad came over to help. We put up some insulation and one piece of drywall. After he left I continued by myself. Later on in the week Mike stopped by to look at the progress. Thats all he did. Look. Jay also came over and we threw up some more drywall.

On thursday I had all the insulation up. My brother in law Brian came over and helped us go through our crap that was taking over the garage. It looks like a damn Salvation Army truck exploded, be on the lookout in the very near future for a huge ass yard sale in the Martinsburg area(708 Morgan St.) Friday we spent some quality time with Allenah with a trip to D.C. to go see the museums. Saturday found my wife and I back in the garage going through more crap. My buddies Kevin and Mike were supposed to come over but their other halves came down sick. Jay came over again so we knocked back a "few" beers and started drywalling again. We actually got stuff accomplished. So... here are some new pics.

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Brian W. said...

Dude, it looks like it's coming along! Good to see you breaking a sweat a little bit. When's the first drink in the Man cave? B-